The Beginning

Welcome to the Grim Tide blog!

This blog chronicles the development of the board game, Grim Tide. We hope you enjoy the story behind Grim Tide as much as we know you’ll enjoy playing it!

We’re a group of four board game enthusiasts – Chris, Samantha, Miranda, and Steven – who make up the Magic Square Games development team.

During a really inspiring trip to PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, the four of us were sitting by the Riverwalk after a great day of playing games and talking to developers, and started a conversation that went something like this…

“If you could make a board game, what kind of game would it be?”

“It would definitely be dark. I want more horror games!”

“Yeah but not like, zombies or ghosts. Those are cool, but overdone.”

“You know what’s cool?  Krakens.”

“Krakens are cool…”

That conversation was the spark. After returning to the real world from PAX, Chris kept thinking about “sea monsters” and “ships” and “this could be a real board game”. That led us to “let’s make it darker” and “this is really fun” and “wow, we’re actually doing this!”

We’ve spent months brainstorming and refining ideas, and made a first prototype by hand with paper and chipboard and hand-drawn cards. We’ve tried and trashed all kinds of mechanics, and created characters we love. We’ve designed and printed a legit prototype, and learned so much about what it takes to go from an idea to a real game.

We’re going to share all of that with you on this blog.  Read along, learn from us, as our ideas become reality!