The Winds in the Woods

an illustration of a waterfall in a lush forest. centered over the image is the text "The Winds in the Woods"

The Winds in the Woods is a confrontational, tactical euro game of feeding, luring, and ultimately gaining the loyalty of various forest animals for 2 to 4 wind spirits.

In The Winds in the Woods, players are the spirits of the four winds, who are competing to gain the loyalty of the various creatures who live in their forests. You’ll feed animals from five different species to secure their actions for later use, when you deploy them to the game’s five forests. Each species of animal has two unique abilities that you’ll use to gain more food, move animals around the forests, build nests that increase the species’ overall scoring value, or cause other animals to migrate to your side of the forests, meaning that they score points for you.

a computer graphic of a simulated table with several small game boards illustrated with colorful forests, and several small, animal-shaped game pieces.

Each species has its own way to score, and all of them depend on the position of other animals in the five forests. So each animal that you place to create the right conditions for you to score may open opportunities for your opponents. The Winds in the Woods is a short, tight, puzzle-like game with a small ruleset but a lot of emergent complexity.