Grim Tide

poster of a hand holding a knife, reaching out of water, wrapped in an octopus tentacle. above the image is the text "Grim Tide"

Grim Tide is a tile-turning, dice-assigning exploration game of hunting sea monsters in the age of sail for 2 to 4 grizzled captains.

Explore an uncharted sea and hunt increasingly dangerous sea monsters while avoiding the Kraken’s attempts to eat your crew. Gain arcane knowledge that increases your capacity to change the weather, activate unique crew abilities, and improve your odds against the monsters of the deep. Assemble a strong crew for the final showdown against the Kraken. The player who succeeds in destroying it will be the winner!

a photo of a board game with a board and hexagonal tiles that are styled to resemble a body of water with ship pawns and fish tokens

There are 36 unique crew members with unique abilities that you can recruit to help you on your journey. You’ll gather fish to feed your crew, and Arcana to power their supernatural abilities. As you defeat monsters, you’ll collect their trophies, and when you have enough trophies, you can complete the summoning ritual to face the Kraken in a climactic fight for glory and victory!