Wizard Safari

Wizard Safari is a grid movement and pattern matching game about collecting portraits of magical animals for 2 to 4 wizard artists.

This game is a co-design with Jonathan Harb. Check out his website and twitter feed for info about his other games. http://www.jonathanharb.info/ @harbthehuman

You are a wizard on safari, trying to collect the best gallery of paintings by luring magical creatures into the most scenic landscapes. Each turn, move the creatures and match the magical canvases in your hand to progress up the score tracks. The wizard who collects the best set of creatures in their paintings by the end of the safari wins the game!

Players take turns playing cards face down as bait to move creatures across the board, or face up as paintings when the card exactly matches a tile. They move up the score track for each creature on any paintings they play. Once the deck runs out, players score points based on their rank on each creature’s score track.

You can find more information about Wizard Safari at the links below!